Q: How do I use the scrub?

A: Use tool to mix the scrub. Rub a small amount gently onto skin/ desired area. Allow the product to sit for at least 5 minutes! Rinse off with cool water, excess oil can be rinsed with SWEET AMBIANCE face wash. Use 2-3 times a week for desired results.

Q: How do I use the face wash?

A: Lather the soap, gently rub on desired area , and rinse after 2-3 minutes. Use the soap as needed. It can be used daily.

Q: I placed the wrong order, how do I correct this?

A: If you've noticed that your order is incorrect, then please reach out to us via email or DM. We will be more than happy to help correct this.

Q: How do I know what product is best for my skin?

A: Our website is set up to help you find what product is best for you! You can shop by skin type (i.e acne, hyperpigmentation etc.) or you can shop by best sellers. If you still need help choosing, we accept DMs daily, just send us a selfie showing your skin with a brief description of your problem area and we will suggest a starter kit!

Q: Can I use this on on my toddler?

A: YES! We suggest using our product on anyone ages 2+. WE DO NOT SUGGEST USING ANY SCRUB ON BROKEN SKIN!

Q: My product leaked/cracked/ or didn't make it to the address, what do I do next?

A: Thats no problem , send us an email @sweetambiancellc@gmail.com or DM us on our social media. We will gladly reship at no cost to the buyer.

Q: I put the wrong address on my order, should I cancel?

A: We suggest you contact us directly, stating what you ordered, the address you want to change, AND provide the new address. Contacting us directly can prevent a delay on your funds returning to the account.